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There are plenty of reasons why a home may require house leveling services in today’s world. There is so much going on that could cause problems, such as shifting soil or drainage conditions, weather erosion, and natural disasters. Perhaps, even bad construction took place at the beginning of your home’s construction. These are all events that need to be rectified before worsening conditions set in.

The Greenville, TX area has come to know and love our service. James Northcutt House Moving and House Leveling has worked for decades to perfect our techniques and the quality of the projects we take on each week. Being professionals, we can offer a variety of benefits for homeowners looking for house leveling services, including:

Inspection — We’ve inspected hundreds of houses throughout our time in this field, and we know and understand what to look for, how to carefully gauge what is wrong, and how to fix it.

Planning — We can work with the individual homeowner to come up with a plan for work to commence. Once we have everything prepared and we have the go-ahead from the customer, we can begin the work to level your home off perfectly.

Construction — Once everything is ready in the early stages of the work, the real job can begin. We’ll work diligently and professionally to ensure the house leveling job is completed in a timely manner and to the quality standard you would expect.

We’ll work with the homeowner to ensure your budget works perfectly with the work your home may require. Being a family owned and run business, we’re able to offer competitive prices against our competition.

If you find yourself in need of house leveling, give James Northcutt House Moving and House Leveling a call and set up an appointment. Our trained staff can gauge the issue you are experiencing and set a course of action for repairs.

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